Copa America Centenario

This summer in the Americas we have a treat as it is the hundredth anniversary of the Copa America, the CONMEBOL’s (South America’s  football confederation) international competition between the nations in South America determining the Continental champion. The first was held in 1916 and is held every four years this year is a special edition of the tournament as it is a competition between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF (North/Central America and Caribbean). The United States is hosting this centennial tournament, we’ve gotten to the knockout round and it looks like pretty interesting as Brazil is out and it seems like it is wide open for any team to win it including the United States. If you haven’t been watching you are missing out on some exciting matches.

The United States has made it to the Semi-finals so they are one of the final four teams and can improve on their results from Copa America 1995, where they placed fourth. The USMNT will face the winner of the Argentina/Venezuela matchup. On the other side they have Mexico matching up against Chile and Peru facing Columbia.

This is of course only a prelude as in a matter of weeks our attention will move down to Rio for the Olympics. Where we will see if Brazil’s men’s team can finally take home an Olympic gold medal and if the US women can take home a fifth.


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