Voltron: Legendary Defender

So growing up I watched some Voltron, it wasn’t all the episodes since the original series was over before I could watch television.  It was watched over the years in syndication or whatever. When I heard Netflix was going to reboot the series I thought it would be something interesting to see again.

The new series Legendary Defender changes it up quite a bit or at least the best I can remember and on top of that it’s really good. Sure it’s a Dream Works cartoon for kids but it is an entertaining show and it is likely that many 30-somethings and younger who watched the original Voltron or any of the spinoffs.  The series is composed of ten half hour episodes and it’s like an hour long pilot, the first episode, so it isn’t that long of a commitment to watch the whole thing. If you haven’t seen Voltron in years it is nice to come back to the giant robots once more, for those who have never seen any Voltron at all pick up the series and watch it.


2 thoughts on “Voltron: Legendary Defender

    • I haven’t really thought about other platforms, since the movie posts are typically months or years after the film has been released and it’s usually just things that I want to see, like the next movie post is about Short Term 12.

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