News Roundup

Lin-Manuel Miranda: This is one of the funniest things I’ve read today. The article posits that Miranda will be creating an Expanded Hamiltonian Universe with musical about all the founding fathers with two productions a year planned out through 2090. It gets even better as it continues saying that there is some competition coming with Andrew Lloyd Webber writing shows about English history going back to William the Conqueror in 1064. This is just a ridiculous idea and I highly doubt that Lin-Manuel Miranda knows what his next stage musical project is and I highly doubt that he would go with the same well for a second time. As for Webber this just seems out of place as he really has not had a great musical since arguably Phantom sure he did Sunset Boulevard, The Woman in White and the sequel to Phantom, Love Never Dies but nothing he’s done has really lasted very long since.

US Politics: In the ever long quest by the Republicans to name everything after a Reagan a new bill has been introduced to rename Gravelly Point park near National Airport after Nancy Reagan. Sure she was a good first lady but pretty soon we are going ot have to have a park for all the First Ladies and they already have a site in Canton, Ohio  The Ida McKinley House and First Ladies National Historic Site. It was introduced by a Republican from Georgia and has 50 cosigners who are all Republicans. If it ever does get passed it will be another way to know who’s a local and who isn’t, just like the airport, officially it is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, so it would be nice if Ronnie and Nancy are once again side by side. However this seems like something that would make more sense in California where they lived.


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