70th Tony Awards

Sunday night was Tony Night and as expected Hamilton took home most of the awards for musicals. Hamilton didn’t surpass the record for Most Tony awards but it came close, however there were two that they didn’t win Actress in a Musical, won by Cynthia Erivo for her portrayal of Celie in The Color Purple and scenic design. James Corden did a great job at hosting, I liked the opening numbers. My only complaint about the show was that there was a lot of filler between all the awards and once again we get to miss out on some of the speeches especially it seemed from the technical side. It was nice that a bunch of musicals got to do a number but when will we get to see like a three minute scene from a play, since the plots to so many of the plays sounded interesting but that’s all you get from it. It would also be really cool if like locally the other awards were broadcast, ie DC has the Helen Hayes Awards, Chicago has the Jeff Awards, Minneapolis/St. Paul has the Ivey Awards and there are other around the country honoring the local theatre communities. Sure it’s nice that Broadway and New York Theater get a night but there are other communities around the country that have thriving theater scenes.


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