Passion of the Christ Sequel?

It looks like there is a new sequel coming soon and an unexpected one as well. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mel Gibson and writer of Braveheart, Randall Wallace, are working on a sequel tentatively titled The Resurrection of the Christ? This seems like it’s a ready made film although it seems there needs to be a lot pulled from devotional writings on the Resurrection or have the story include the Ascension and/or Pentecost just to fit the two hours of a typical movie. The Passion was a phenomenon as it hit at the right time and everyone jumped on it, including the very unlikely source of South Park. Evangelicals are bound to go see the film and it seems likely that many other Christian faith communities will go out in groups to see it and if this ever does get made it will be a new part of the annual event of watching The Passion during Lent. It is pretty remarkable for The Passion to still be the highest grossing R-rated film in US history even after a dozen years, Deadpool has made it close and beaten it out Worldwide but that is just crazy. If Gibson and Wallace make the film it’s bound to be something that people go see, the  biggest question is if the film will capture some of the same energy behind it like The Passion had.


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