The Peanuts Movie (2015)

I am a huge fan of Charlie Brown and friends so when I heard about them making this movie I was skeptical but when the first images came out with the characters looking similar to what they look like in the strips and television specials I was interested. Spoilers to follow.

The film has nice nods to the comic strip, television specials and old movies. It begins in winter with a new kid moving in across the street from Charlie Brown, it’s the Little Red-Haired Girl and she joins Charlie Brown’s class in school. It’s love at first sight for Charlie Brown since “she nibbles her pencil me”.  He goes to Lucy who tells Charlie Brown that he needs to be a winner for anyone to notice him, since he is a nobody.  The other story going on is with Snoopy who is typing a story about fighting the Red Baron, who has captured Fifi, his girlfriend.  These are both nice little stories and it still feels like something that we’d see in the newspaper or in the television specials and movies of the 70s and 80s. If you are a fan of Charlie Brown you are bound to like the film as it does justice to the source material. It also has the great message that it doesn’t matter who we are just be the best we can be, since we all have failures but they are not the only things that define us.


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