News Roundup

Television:  This first story seems like good news as it seems The Big Bang Theory the show that people love to hate on might be nearing its final season. At a decade old they are getting to the point where the show just won’t work as well with half of the characters married to each other and one couple expecting a child. Sure it might get to end like Two and a Half Men just because it is the second highest rated show on television after Sunday Night Football by adding someone new to the show and removing one of the name stars.

Movie Musicals: So has a list of new movie musicals in development and it is an interesting list. Some of the films on the list sound like good ideas, but there are a couple that just sound stupid like a West Side Story remake by Spielberg and a remake of Little Shop of Horrors with a revised and perhaps updated script. One that I think would be really great is In The Heights, Lin- Manuel Miranda’s first musical about Washington Heights.  As it might bring in a breath of fresh air to the movie musical genre as it now seems that Disney will be happy just remaking all their animated movie films as live action films.


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