Scripps National Spelling Bee

This is crazy as for the third year in a row the Spelling Bee ended in a tie. The most amazing thing about it is that they made some new rules this year to make it harder for a tie to happen including 25 rounds of Championship words and harder words on the list. However this didn’t work and Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga made it to the top. Jairam is the brother of 2014 co-champion Sriram Hathwar and is they are the second siblings to both win the Spelling Bee. Nihar Janga is the youngest to ever in the Bee at only 11 year old. Besides the tie there were a couple of unique stories at the bee this was the first time that a first grader qualified for the National Bee and there was one who was born deaf and has cochlear implants. This is a great moment of the year as ESPN takes a break from sport to honor some really educated kids. It’s one of the unique events that they have.


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