Playoffs Finals

Both the NHL and NBA are in the Conference Finals and these games have been back and forth. They are mostly knotted up so anyone could come out with a win in the series.  Over in Hockey we have the Penguins facing last years Eastern Conference winner the Tampa Bay Lightning and in the West a couple of surprising teams in the St. Louis Blues and San Jose Sharks. Both Western teams haven’t won a Stanley Cup before so there will be a 50/50 chance that a new team will win Lord Stanley’s Cup. In the world of Basketball we’ve got LeBron and the Cavs facing the Raptors in the East and Golden State facing the OKC Thunder in the West. Everyone is expecting LeBron James to be back in the Finals for a sixth consecutive time and they will face Golden State who can cap off the unprecedented 73 win season with an NBA Title. Many people have suggested that if Golden State doesn’t win the title this year the 73 wins mean nothing. As in the Stanley Cup playoffs there is a good chance for a new team to win an NBA title as arguably three teams will be playing for their first NBA title, sure OKC did win a title back in 1979 as the Seattle SuperSonics but titles belong to the city not the team.  Will this be the year that a team from Cleveland actually wins a Championship? We’ve got to stay tuned.


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