Fall 2016 Television Schedule

Last week the major network all went out in front of the advertising executives and told them what to expect in the upcoming Fall season in regard to new and returning shows. This is where the advertising comes from. So onto the schedule.

In the Fall this is mostly football with perhaps The Simpson or something on PBS but. One of the new shows on FOX Making History looks interesting it is coming sometime most likely after Football season but it’s a live action comedy about time travel and history.

Supergirl moves from CBS to the CW that’s the biggest news on Monday, it stays at the same time and leads into Jane the Virgin. CBS shakes up their lineup to begin the fall because of Football on Thursday nights with Big Bang on Monday and two new shows neither of which look great.

This is going to be a busy night. The Middle moves from Wednesday night New Girl and Brooklyn 99 split time once again along with season three of Flash and Agents of SHIELD moves to 10. Moving SHIELD doesn’t bode well as ABC hasn’t been a successful show in that time slot in a long time.  There are a couple of new show that I will be checking out at least once No Tomorrow on CW and The Mick on FOX.

Once again The CW has Arrow and maybe I’ll watch a couple of episode of Kiefer Sutherland’s new show Designated Survivor over on ABC and perhaps the same with Frequency on CW.

Football begins on CBS and about midway through the season it with switch over the NBC. This will be for 10 weeks. NBC has what looks like a cute show with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in The Good Place. it looks funny. CBS will bring Big Bang back to Thursday after 5 weeks and add a new show with Joel McHale The Great Indoors. FOX has an unique looking show Pitch it is the first scripted show to be officially associated with Major League Baseball, it’s about the first female pitcher in the majors.

CBS comes out with a rebooted? MacGyver or is it just his son/grandson? ABC has the sixth season of Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.

There are also a bunch of show that aren’t officially scheduled yet as they will be coming mid season or put in when some show fails.  There is Powerless on NBC is a workplace comedy at an insurance company set in the DC universe dealing with how the powerless  deal with living in a world full of Superheros, hopefully it will be tied into the already existing DC television universe or the Arrowverse which seems to be adding Supergirl to the world. Another one is Riverdale based on the Archie Comics. I’m also looking forward to the musical events Rocky Horror on FOX, Hairspray on NBC and perhaps whatever ABC/Disney comes up with.


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