Great Native American name debate part 10

You remember the details the Washington Redskins have what some people consider an offensive name and people want it changed. Lots of people are up in arms South Park even did an episode about it and the trademark lawsuit back in 2014. It looks like the Trademark suit will be going to the Supreme Court sometime in the future. While that is still up in the air The Washington Post has released a poll it took of 504 Native Americans that indicates that 9 out of 10 are not offended by the name.  Sure critics are saying that this was a biased poll since only 504 individuals were contacted and the total population of Native Americans is around 5.4 million, and that it isn’t indicative of how all Native Americans think about it. However even if the name does get changed there are still other teams out there that are called the Indians, Warriors, Chiefs, etc. that should be considered just as offensive with the whole “We are not Mascots” stance.  Nor will this do anything to get rid of the Tomahawk chop or fix any other problems facing the Native American population. When the Supreme Court decides I think that might finally be the end of the debate. If Dan Snyder has to change the team name or not this single victory isn’t going to do much for anyone living in the United States.


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