Goosebumps (2015)

Growing up the Goosebumps book series along with the television series that followed were big things. So I was a little excited when I heard they were making a Goosebumps movie it was something that I wanted to see eventually. It’s on Netflix right now so take your time and watch it. Spoilers to follow.

Now this is a unique story as it takes all the Goosebumps monsters and brings them together in one story.  The story begins with Zach and his mother, Gale, moving from New York City to Madison, Delaware. While moving in Zach meets their neighbors Hannah and ‘Mr. Shivers’ (Jack Black). Hannah and Zach become fast friends but her father doesn’t approve and tells Zach to stay away. One day Zach hears some screaming next door and calls the police to investigate. Zach calls his new friend from school Champ to help investigate and they stumble upon a bookcase containing Goosebumps manuscripts that are all locked up. Zach opens one and out comes the monster, The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, Hannah finds them and tries to get the monster back in the book before her dad gets home but the monster escapes and eventually Mr. Shivers comes and saves the day recapturing the Abominable Snowman. On the way back home it is revealed that Mr. Shivers is really R.L. Stine. After they bring the book back it turns out that another book was opened and out came Slappy the Dummy, who decides that he is sick of sitting on a shelf and burns his manuscript takes the rest of them with him and unleashes all of them on the town. That’s only the first half of the film.

I though it was a fun film and it gives a nod to just about every Goosebumps book if your a long time fan it’s a decent film to watch. Jack Black does a great job and it seems like all of his films have been enjoyable. If you read or watched anything Goosebumps this is a nostalgia fest, pointing out things from the books.


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