News Roundup

Tetris the movie: I thought that making a movie based on the musical Cats is a decent idea, and Pixels was a clever idea but this news that Tetris is not only going to become a movie but it appears to be a part of a trilogy.  This has got to be a sign that Hollywood movies need to become more than a simple idea with ads spread throughout, like in the recent Transformers films and the rumored emoji movie can Hollywood make good movies anymore?

Lady Gaga: So people have been up at arms for Lady Gaga sharing her faith over Facebook but people were quick to jump on the comments saying that she needs to go to Confession before she can receive Communion. It’s just idiotic how people act online and this leads into this other thing.

Catholic online: Vatican PR aide has warned that Catholics online create a cesspool of hatred embracing a culture of death (my faith or the highway) instead of the culture of life. Echoing the world of Pope Francis “Our primary task is to uphold the truth with love.” Above all things we must love. It’s the whole “say the black do the red” mentality which many people are fixated on and not the words of St.Peter who says in his letter “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”  It more than saying the right things at the right time and doing what’s prescribed but adapting and synthesizing what is we hear and see at Mass and make it a part of yourself.


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