News Roundup

Netflix: has crunched the numbers and Netflix subscriber saves themselves about 158.5 hours of commercials per year. By not having ads it is remarkable how much time that is. It is also that some cable networks are toying with the idea of cutting advertising time Time Warner tested this on TruTV in the fall. As many Millennials are watching less ads using DVRs along with streaming services to watch most of their shows.

Obama: This is cool news.  President Obama will become the first President to visit Hiroshima since the bomb.  This follow the lead of Secretary of State John Kerry who recently visited. Obama’s visit will be tied to the G7 summit in Shima, Japan at the end of May. This visit will as the White House press release says will “highlight his continued commitment to pursuing the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons”.

Musical Theatre/Tony Awards: The Wall Street Journal sets out to answer what does an Orchestrator do. Sure they get a Tony but what for all to often it seems like whatever wins Best Score takes home Best Orchestration as well. The article seems to put it as they take the piano music that a composer writes and breaks it into parts for the orchestra in a way that helps the music support the singers. It is an interesting subset in the world of music and offers some understanding why sometime revivals sound different.

There are also reports that Tom Hooper will be bringing Cats: The Musical to the silver screen. How will this happen it still up in the air, and there are good reason to go in either direction CGI, live action, animated, puppets. Hooper who directed Les Miserables will direct and produce and it looks like the production will being in late 2017or 2018.

Space: This is amazing as it combines Space and Archaeology. A teenager from Quebec used ancient star chart and has discover a lost Mayan city. William Gadoury has been interested in the Mayan civilization since 2012 and wanted to figure out why the Mayans built cities in unlikely sites far from river and fertile land. As it turns out when placing the Mayan constellations over a map of sites they lined up. One of the constellations wasn’t complete and Gadoury scoured Google Earth and got the idea that he might have found the location of an unknown site. He requested the help of the Canadian Space Agency to get a better look at the location and the images have added weight. The only way to really determine if it is a site is to go and explore.


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