Invictus Games

Sunday evening I came home and turned the TV on to ESPN and discovered some wonderful programing. It wasn’t baseball or anything but a Paralympic-style competition for wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans from around the world. This event was created by Prince Harry after his time deployed in Afghanistan and being inspired by the Warrior Games in the US which pits the different branches against each other. The opening ceremonies for the Invictus Games were being broadcast and this is the first time that any sort of Paralympics is going to be televised in any real way. NBC has faced criticism numerous time for it’s lack of broadcasting any coverage of the Paralympics in the past notably in 2012 and then in 2014 most coverage was relegated to about a couple hours their cable sports channel, NBCSN.  These Invictus Game will be available online at ESPN3 showing the finals of the events and a daily hour highlight package will be produced and aired on ESPN2.  Prince Harry noted in his speech that it’s not just about the physical injuries done but the psychological and mental injuries are just as important be it PTSD or depression or anxiety. I hope that ESPN continues to cover this event in years to come as it is important not only to the men and women serving but as a reminder to the general public that we’ve been fighting in wars for the past almost 20 years in some unpopular wars but we should never give up on or forget the men and women in service to all our countries


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