Radiohead- Burn the Witch (updated)

Radiohead has had an interesting week. Last Sunday they basically scrubbed themselves from the internet. Then on Tuesday a new song was released “Burn the Witch“. The week ended on a high note with both a new song “Daydreaming” and the announcement that on Sunday May 8th  their latest album will be released Everyone across the internet seems to have a theory about  what this all means. Some have speculated that Burn the Witch is the first song on their ninth album. It’s gotten so crazy that The New Yorker is weighing in on it saying that it’s a comment on society as a whole and “the moment we stop asking questions of authority, we become cogs in a monstrous and dehumanizing machine. We ruin each other.” Others are noting that several other artist notably Beyonce have taking Radiohead’s release plan for all albums since In Rainbows and run with it. Deadspin even had a how to be a Radiohead fan and not a dick about it.

If you haven’t heard anything by Radiohead where have you been the past 30 years and you should check them out. Whenever this new album comes out I know that I will be getting it.


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