Clone Wars (2003)

Yesterday, was the big Star Wars day May the fourth be with you and all that. I spent it watching one of the unique aspects of Star Wars. First off I stumbled upon ESPN’s special about Kendo and light saber fighting so I watched it. Then I went and watched the other animated Star Wars simply titled Clone Wars, it’s the animated micro-series by Genndy Tartakovsky from 2003. Sure it isn’t officially part of the canon as of now but it sure is a great thing to watch. This was on Cartoon Network when I was in college and I watched them all.

It begins a couple of months after Episode II ends and tells multiple stories of what happened during the Clone Wars. The series also introduces Asajj Ventress and General Grievous into the series. Someone actually has placed them in the order of what to watch placing the first 21 episodes before The Clone Wars (2008) animated film and series and the last four episodes after this leading into Episode III.

The show did a great job at showing just how awesome Jedi are, we’ve got Mace Windu taking out legions of B2 super battle droids, Kit Fisto being awesome and other Jedi in action we don’t see this in the films enough. If you haven’t seen this before take the two hours and watch it.


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