News Roundup

Archaeology: Captain Cook’s Endeavour has been found. The exact remain of the boat haven’t been found but it’s in one of the nine sites that the British scuttled ship during the Revolutionary War to provide a blockade of Narragansett Bay. Also the boat was no longer under the command of Cook and it had a different name, Lord of Sandwich, at the time. It is a unique find and hopefully they can confirm a location soon.

Tony nominations: As expected Hamilton took home a whopping 16 nominations in total and it is possible they will break the record set by The Producers for most wins. Following close behind Hamilton is Shuffle Along, or, the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed. We have over a month to wait and see what comes of this the 70th Tony Awards will be on June 12th.

Politics: DC Statehood has long been talked about as the residents in the District of Columbia don’t have equal representation in congress as other citizens of the US and are still taxed hence their license plates “Taxation without Representation”. Come June there will be a Constitutional Convention where a state constitution will be drafted and then in November DC resident will vote if they want to become a state. If everything goes to plan they would then submit the state constitution and boundaries for the new state to Congress for consideration.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican race so it’s down to Trump and Kasich but it looks even more certain that Trump will become the Republican nominee. Bernie Sander picked up another state winning Indiana and is closing the gap between him and Clinton although it seems like Hillary will be the Democratic nominee Sanders has vowed to stay until the convention


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