Room (2015)

The film Room was a stunning movie it was the independent film that made a lot of noise this year and Brie Larson took home many awards including the Oscar for Best Actress. It is a difficult topic but it made for an interesting film. There are spoilers to follow.

Ma/Joy(Brie Larson) was kidnapped when she was 17 and has been held as a prisoner for the past seven years in a Room. Five years ago she gave birth to a son Jack (Jacob Tremblay) who has grown up in the Room with her. To Jack, Room is the whole world and everything else on the television is fake. Old Nick, the abductor visits and continues to rape Joy. after one day when Old Nick tells Joy he lost his job threatening that he won’t be able to get supplies for her in the future. Joy doesn’t take this well and he cuts the power and heat. This puts Joy’s plan into action. Ma tells Jack that there is a world outside of room and that Ma has a clever idea as a means to escape pretending that Jack has a fever so that Old Nick will take him to the hospital. This doesn’t works as he will go and get some medication for Jack. So the plan changes and Ma tells Jack to play dead and that after being rolled up in rug Old Nick will take him to truck and drive. Truck, wiggle,  stop, jump, someone. Then they would be free of Room.  This works out great and this is typically where a film about kidnapping ends with them getting rescued but this film goes deeper and follow the aftermath of the rescue. The second half of the we see Ma and Jack try to adjust to being in the world.

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are the reason to watch this film, since they carry it on their own. I would agree with Brie Larson’s comment that the film isn’t a crime story but “a story of love and freedom and perseverance and what it feels like to grow up and become your own person.” It’s a touching film and though the subject matter isn’t for everyone it still is a touching film.


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