Stanley Cup Round 2

As the first round ends the second round begins. This year we will a new team will take home  Lord Stanley’s Cup as the Kings and Blackhawks both lost in the first round.

In the East we have the New York Islanders taking on the Tampa Bay Lightening, in the under card match up. While the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals are set to renew their rivalry. It seems like the Capitals are just working through the Patrick Division on their probable way to the Finals. that is unless Tampa Bay wins. Tampa Bay was in the Stanley Cup Finals last season so there is a good chance they might be back. As indicated previously the Penguins/Capitals series is the most interesting to watch as many have indicated that it is a defacto Eastern Conference Championship series.

Over in the West the Dallas Stars take on the St. Louis Blues and the San Jose Sharks face the Nashville Predators. I haven’t a clue about these team out in the West. but the Sharks are well rested having waited a week so they might have an edge over Nashville. The other series could be considered a coin toss as both teams could take it.

Predictions: Let’s have another classic Patrick Division match-up with the Capitals and Islanders meeting in the Eastern Conference Final. In the West how about the Blues and the Sharks for no real reason. However it would be real interesting if Nashville and Washington met in the Finals with Barry Trotz having coached for years in Nashville and is now coaching in Washington.



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