News Roundup

Golden Globes: This is a long time coming but there have been some changes made to the Golden Globes regarding the comedy\musical film. Now the films nominated actually have to be a funny film and not dramas with comedic elements, so we will not get films like The Martian or The Tourist winning Best Comedy at next year’s Golden Globes.

Pulitzer Prize: In somewhat expected news Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton has won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama it becomes the ninth musical to ever win. The nine other musicals have been about once a decade since the 1930s. Miranda in all likelihood seems destined to join Marvin Hamlisch and Richard Rodgers as PEGOTs,

Religion: There is some news about the Shroud of Turin and I learned about another relic of Christ the Sudarium of Oviedo. The news is that both the Shroud and Sudarium are linked as they cover the face of the same man.


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