US Currency News

According to Jack Lew, there is a decision coming soon about what will actually be happening/ revealing design i guess but after announcing that Alexander Hamilton’s place on the 10 dollar bill might be in jeopardy with Hamilton being replaced by a woman. There was a tremendous ground swell of people who were pushing to keep Hamilton there since he basically made the US Banking System and he is from the Caribbean. Especially from the folks at the Hamilton musical.   So Alexander Hamilton will be staying on the 10 but with a mural of women suffragettes on the back with Susan B Anthony and others. However the story get a bit better as it looks like that Andrew Jackson the subject of another musical will be losing his place on the 20. This looks like a wonderful idea since there are many problems with Jackson as he wasn’t a big fan of the banking system and then there was that thing with the Native Americans. Sure this isn’t going to happen for awhile as currently the 10 dollar bill is being redesigned and scheduled to be issued in 2020. However this will begin a redesign of all the other bills as well since the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is working on making the US banknotes have some sort of tactile difference so bills will be easier to differentiate for the blind, visually impaired and the general public. This sounds like a unique idea but it seems like once in a wallet is when the real test begins.


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