Both the NBA and NHL have reached the end of their respective seasons and are now entering into the Playoffs.

NHL: the Playoffs began on Wednesday. The Stanley Cup playoffs do not feature any team from Canada this year, this is a rare feat which hasn’t happen in 46 years. The Detroit Red Wings make it back for a 25th consecutive time and one of the most unique aspect of this year’s playoffs is that all the teams from Pennsylvania, New York, California and Florida have made it in. It also marks the first time that the Dallas Stars as the former North Stars will travel to Minnesota and face the Wild.

In the East we have the Washington Capitals as the top seed as winners of the Presidents’ Trophy for this season, I really hope that it doesn’t end up like the last time the Capitals took home the Presidents’ Trophy and promptly lost in the first round. It looks like a second round matchup will be between rivals in the East no matter who wins.  In the West it seems like more of a toss up but we will be getting a California matchup

NBA: The playoffs begin on Saturday. The favorite to win it all is Golden State who just finished the regular season at 73-9 the best record ever and won last year. In the East, LeBron James will make it back to the Finals for a sixth consecutive time. I think the most interesting matchup in the first round is Miami Heat against the Charlotte Hornets as it features two players from VCU, Briante Weber and Troy Daniels, facing off, that’s about the most interesting part of the first round. In the West it seems like the final will be Golden State against San Antonio.


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