News Roundup

New National Monument: This is pretty unique as President Obama has announced that women’s equality get a monument as well. Obama announced that the Sewall-Belmont house in DC will be designated  the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument. The building was the headquarters of the National Women’s Party which fought for women’s suffrage and tried mightily to pass the Equal Right Amendment, an amendment to the constitution that granted women equal rights, it was introduced in 1923 and sort of died in 79. However, the Virginia Senate continues to vote on it most recently in January, it seems like the time has come for the amendment to be added to the Constitution.

Comic book Movies: In news that really isn’t news it has been officially confirmed by Warner Brothers that Matt Damon is directing a stand alone Batman movie in the DC Movie Universe. In the Marvel Universe there is a new trailer it only a teaser for the latest film Doctor Strange.

Space: This is a cool story as it involves interstellar travel. Stephen Hawking along with Yuri Milner and the help of Mark Zuckerberg want to send a bunch of computer chip sized satellites with solar sails which would get a push by a giant laser and then use the sun as a means of propulsion. They would travel at about 20% the speed of light. Hawking believes that interstellar travel must be something that we can reach within a human lifetime. The nearest star system is 25 trillion miles or about 4 light years away and the farthest object (Voyager 1) sent from earth has only gone about 135 AU from the Earth.


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