Star Wars News

There is finally a trailer for the newest Star Wars film, it isn’t a part of the trilogies but is the first of the “spinoff” stories. This movie is about the Rebels that steal the plans for the Death Star or so everything I’ve read about these separate films. If you haven’t been watching or following  the animated series Rebels on Disney, it’s not that big of a deal but you should check it out as it along with the animated series Clone Wars as they are officially part of the canon. The film Rogue One like the animated show Rebels takes place in the years between Episode III and IV, with Rogue One taking place like right before the events of  A New Hope while Rebels is like five years before this or so. I haven’t a clue where exactly to place Rebels in the Canon.

Rogue One comes out in December and a bunch of people are going to be confused thinking it takes place after Episode VII. However I’m sure it will make millions.


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