Spectre (2015)

James Bond is at it again in the newest installment of the “rebooted” series. Daniel Craig’s first film Casino Royale was a reboot of the series but doesn’t precede or follow any of the other films. Spoilers to follow.

Spectre reintroduces the criminal organization Spectre, formerly stylized as SPECTRE and its leader Ernst Blofeld. It turns out that Blofeld is the real person behind Quantum as he tells James “You interfered in my world, I destroyed yours. Or did you think it was coincidence that all the women in your life ended up dead?” It was a fun James Bond film but it was just too long, and the whole first quarter of the film in Mexico nothing really happens. Also it was disappointing that so many people thought that the reappearance of Blofeld was that big of a surprise I mean the movie was named Spectre and Blofeld is the head of Spectre. All in all if you are a James Bond fan it is a decent addition and has some nice connective elements to the previous Craig films. Will Daniel Craig make another Bond film or will he be replaced before the next film. We only know for sure that James Bond will return.


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