Sweet Sixteen

It is that time of the week and College Basketball is back on for the weekend, we start with 16 then cut that to 8 and the weekend end with four teams advancing. Sure last weekend was bad for most everyone with thirteen teams who were lower seeds winning and every seed except 16 won a first round game. The biggest upsets were Michigan State, a 2, falling to Middle Tennessee, a 15, and West Virginia, a 3,  falling to Stephen F Austin, a 14. After the first round things settled down as only two made it out of the second round and they play each other in this round.

Looking at the remaining rounds it seems we will get a rematch of the ACC Championship game in the final four as Virginia seems like the favorite to win the Midwest as they will face the winner of the 10/11 game. However Wisconsin might prevent this as runners up last year they are likely to face North Carolina in the Elite Eight in the East. Look for Duke to last maybe one more game before losing to Oklahoma who will be the winners of the West. In the South I haven’t a clue, It would be really cool if Maryland could  beat Kansas and perhaps win  but it’s more of a certainity that Kansas will be making a return trip to the Final Four.

So my pick are Virginia, UNC/Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kansas in the Final Four.


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