News Roundup

Mother Teresa: It has been confirmed that Mother Teresa will be canonized in September. This is a wonderful thing as she is one of the few people that the whole world knew about and she will become one of the modern saints whom people will know a bit more about. There is that added bonus that she struggled with her faith so she is a perfect modern saint. Now we have John Paul II and Mother Teresa as the two most recent saints chronologically.

Indiana Jones 5: There is going to be a fifth movie in the Indiana Jones saga. Harrison Ford and  Steven Spielberg are both coming back in their respective roles. There are also some rumors that Chris Pratt might be joining the cast as well as some far fetched rumors that the film will be about finding the fountain of youth. The film will be out in 2019 and I am sure that there will be a lot of people in line to go see this one.

Politics: The other big news story is Marco Rubio is out of the Republican race for President since he couldn’t win his home state of Florida. So it’s looking like the inevitability of Trump as candidate is still there as he won all but Ohio on Tuesday. On the Democratic side, Hillary took home wins everywhere but they were not the convincing wins one would suspect from the presumptive nominee as in some of the states Sanders kept it very close. Will either of these races last into April or will they all be over by then.


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