News Roundup

The Wachowskis the siblings behind The Matrix are in the news again as Andy, now Lilly has come out as transgendered. This means that both siblings are transgendered, Lana came out years ago and perhaps we will have a film by the Wachowski sisters in a few years. Sure people will claim that The Matrix trilogy is now the most widely known work by transgendered directors but it would be a whole lot better if they could consistently make decent films. Since the last Matrix film (Revolutions) was arguably the last good movie they made and that was way back in 2003.

Crosby, Stills and Nash (and sometime Young) have officially broken up. I am sure that many of us didn’t know that they weren’t broken up before reading this or that they were still a group

Star Wars: According to The Sun Disney is in talks about making five more Star Wars films after the current slew (Rogue One, Episode VIII, Han Solo, Episode IX and Boba Fett) are made. If these are more anthology films that would be real unique as hopefully they will be able to flesh out part of the story not covered by the movies or cartoons. It seems like this won’t be confirmed until after Rogue One opens in movie theaters. The only thing that I am not that happy about is that Star Wars might become like those Marvel/DC Comics movies where there are just too many coming out that we get fatigue from all of them, although with Star Wars there are many different stories to be told about a multitude of characters.



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