One of my favorite shows on The Discovery Channel has come to an end. It stated way back in 2003 and has been a constant source of entertainment and education. Sure it put science into national conversation but in doing so it inspired many fans of the show to explore science. It is not the sort of thing that need to be relegated to only those with degrees in science, humans are curious creatures and are willing to try anything at least once. They did a lot in their 14 years on television and even watching old episodes is something fun to do. Sure they blew up a whole bunch of things but they also did more mundane things as well like looking at the best way to board an airplane or queue in a checkout line. The boatload of fuel consumption myths like if having windows up with the AC on uses more fuel than driving with the windows down, these were great as well since everyone has had an opinion on these. While it is unfortunate that MythBusters is over it is bound to be rebroadcast for years to come and continue to inspire more people to explore the world of science


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