News roundup

Space: Astronaut Scott Kelly has returned to Earth after almost a Year in Space. PBS will be airing a show about this Year in Space and Kelly will be doing a Reddit AMA and a Facebook Live on Friday. It will be interesting to hear what NASA and RKA have learned from this and how they use it on future expeditions.

Beer: There are places where Pumpkin beers are still on the shelves. Forbes says that there are many still there because there were just so many different Pumpkin beers this past fall from a wider variety of sources as well as increased production of favorites. The article also points toward the warmer than average Fall and perhaps has to do with Fall beers appearing around mid-summer. Hopefully this upcoming year we will see a smaller variety of Pumpkin beers and perhaps some other fall flavored beers (Pecan Pie or a nice Marzen (Oktoberfests) would be nice)

Politics: Well, it was Super Tuesday and the American Electorate couldn’t care less it seems all be inevitable that come November it will be Hillary Clinton running against The Donald. Is this what we deserve not really but it’s what we get with the system we have.  As someone has said the system is broken. It would be nice to see some change in the political landscape. Yet this might be a single term so there is some hope that it won’t last long.


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