Crowning with Thorns

The fruit of this mystery is Contempt of the world and Courage.

This is a rather difficult fruit for most people to comprehend Contempt of the world. We all live in the world some more so than other but it’s a constant struggle for us to forget about Worldly Concerns as we are surrounded by them constantly. Yet, looking at this fruit it’s much more about living a contemplative life. As we read in Ecclesiastes “Vanity of vanities all is vanity” this is basically saying that sure the world exists but it doesn’t really matter there are more important things to focus on. This is takes the average person great courage to turn away for the excesses and splendors of this world. If we could all take some time as we continue through this Lenten season to just take a little break from our technology put down the tablets, phones and computers and pick up a book or take to a person in real life check out your neighborhood, visit a friend. We all need to take little breaks from our regular lives and refocus.


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