Oscars and Razzies recap

Saturday night the evening before the Oscars the annual Golden Raspberry Awards were handed out honoring the worst in film. This year the Worst Film of the year we had a tie Fifty Shades of Grey and Fantastic Four both took home the honor. It was the third time that there was a tie in the Worst Film Category. Fifty Shades was the biggest winner of the night taking home five awards for worst.

On the positive side Sunday evening the Oscars happened and there were some cool additions to the show this year. The boxes that popped up telling you who the actors are and what they were in/if they won an Oscar before, the other thing was the scrolling bottom line after a win listing who people wanted to thank, it was a smart idea to add that as so many times have people gone long trying to thank everyone they know. The night got off to a great start with Chris Rock’s opening monologue where he commented on the whole lack of black nominees at this year Oscars.

The biggest winner of the night was Mad Max which basically swept the technical categories. Most of the early predictions were correct. Ex-Machina took home one for Visual Effects. Inarritu won best Director for a second time repeating his win from last year, this makes him the first director to win back-to back awards since Joseph Mankiewicz in 1949/1950. Pixar picked up another Oscar win for Animated Feature. Ennio Morricone finally got his first Oscar in a competitive category for score and Sam Smith won for his Bond Song. Brie Larson won for Best Actress, Alicia Vikander won for Supporting Actress, Leo finally won for Best Actor and Mark Rylance won for Supporting Actor. The biggest surprise of the night was when Spotlight went home with the award for Best Picture. I really like how at the very end of the awards we were treated with some of Public Enemy’s Fight the Power


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