Oscar/Razzie predictions

As of right now anyone can be confident about a bunch of awards including Best Actor, Actress, Screenplay (Original and Adapted), Animated Feature, and Score as the same individual has won in all the previous awards.

Best Picture: Seems like The Revenant but trends didn’t work last year so it could be anything.
Best Director: This one seems like a toss up between Alejandro Inarritu and George Miller. Inarritu won this award last year. If Miller wins I think he will become the first individual to win awards for both Best Animated Feature and Director.
Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar and he can stop trying
Best Actress: Brie LarsonBest Supporting Actor: Stallone seemed like he was going to walk through award season picking up awards left and right but Mark Rylance took home the BAFTA
Best Supporting Actress: This is a two horse race Kate Winslet or Alicia Vikander will win.
Best Animated Feature: Inside Out, since it’s a Pixar film and they have won a majority of these awards since it has existed.
Best Score: Ennio Morricone finally get a real Oscar
Best Song: Not a clue, but it would be cool if the Bond song won again.
Best Screenplay (Adapted): Big Short
Best Screenplay (Original): Spotlight

Time for the Worst Picture prediction this is difficult to pick but I hope it goes to Jupiter Ascending as I could only last 15 minutes into that movie before I wanted it over.



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