The Martian (2015)

The Martian or as it could be called Matt Damon gets rescued again, I think he is the most rescued individual in modern film. Spoilers to follow.

It’s 2035 and Mark Watney (Damon) is a member of the Ares III mission who are on a 31 sol (Martian Day) mission. A huge dust storm comes and the mission is aborted Watney gets hit by debris while trying to make it to the MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle) in order to get to Hermes and head back to Earth. Watney’s fellow crew member think he’s dead and head home without him, but Watney was just punctured by an antenna which also made it’s way through the bio meter, but his blood sealed the suit so he stayed alive. Watney realizes that his only hope would be to get the where the Ares IV is scheduled to land but he need to get more food although the mission supply would last him roughly a year so Watney as a botanist decides to become a farmer, he sets up a field of martian dirt adds some fecal matter as fertilizer and plants some potatoes from the Thanksgiving meal. He gets this figured out rather quickly. Eventually he goes and upgrades his rover with the other rover and the plutonium  to make it work better. This leads him to discover Pathfinder, which just needed a battery change and works perfectly after sitting for 40 years and the technology used back in 1996 is compatible with the 2030s tech as using Pathfinder Watney can communicate with NASA  and they talk him through linking the rover to Pathfinder so they can chat that way.

All in all it’s a fun movie Matt Damon trying to survive on his own on a planet. It is Ridley Scott’s best movie in years and was nominated for 7 Academy Awards and was in several top ten list for 2015.  I think we need to have a couple of films where Matt Damon does some rescuing or they just fail to save him. The biggest problem with the movie is that after watching it you really don’t care much about anyone else or could you tell their names with the exception of Damon. That might be the biggest problem I had with the movie.


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