First Sunday of Lent

This week the readings come from Deuteronomy 26:4-10, Psalm 91, Paul’s letter to the Romans 10:8-13, and Luke’s Gospel 4:1-13.

These reading lay out Salvation History in a quick review in the Old Testament we get how the Jewish people were in Egypt and then Moses lead them to the promised land this story continues in Paul’s letter with Jesus. In the Gospel we hear about how Jesus himself went out into the desert for 40 days after he was baptized. In the desert he was tempted by the devil. Our lives are a journey through the desert just like the people of Israel longing for the promised land so to do we long to be with Christ in our Eternal reward.  Sure the devil is present in this desert but unlike the experience of Jesus it seems that the devil is working in and through many more people and things. We have more than just Moses and Jesus leading the way for us but all the other saints in heaven, as well as those here on Earth like the Popes and Patriarchs across the world. We all are working toward that one place sort of like that Buddhist idea of the bodhisattva, where they are working for the complete enlightenment of the whole world. Let us try to uses this Lenten season to reflect on life in the desert and how we can try and mend the world into a better place, perhaps this can be done through love.


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