New Hampshire recap other Political news

Well, New Hampshire’s primary happened, on the Democratic side Bernie Sanders came out the big winner crushing Clinton by 20%. On the Republican side Trump won followed by Ohio Governor John Kasich and Ted Cruz coming in third. One of the biggest news stories to come out of this primary is the already pledged Superdelegates that Hillary Clinton has is sort of messing with the race as although Sanders won convincingly in terms of the delegates both Sanders and Clinton took 15 from New Hampshire. Sure the Democratic Party hasn’t been that fair towards Sanders as in terms of debates they have been poorly scheduled and it really doesn’t help that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC, seems a bit biased towards Hillary Clinton having worked on Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 White House campaign. The next stop is on the 20th in Nevada (D) and South Carolina (R), but I look for things to settle down a bit after Super Tuesday, March 1.

Trump opened his mouth against and ripped Pope Francis for planning to go near the US-Mexico boarder when Francis visits Mexico this upcoming week. Since according to Trump the Pope has no clue about the immigration situation, and is a very political person. While I do like that Trump understands the role of Pope as a Political figure, head of State of Vatican City, but I think that the Pope would have a better understanding of some political aspects like this little thing which that guy from reality television in making a huge deal about since announcing his plans to run for president. Hopefully when we get to more Republican leaning states some of the other candidates start rising in the polls.


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