Lenten Reflections: Book of Amos

Last year during the season of Lent I read through and sort of summarized/reflected on the Book of Job, I enjoyed it and it got me to actually read through the book of Job which I’ve said that I was going to read for a while. I will still do the Rosary fruit of the mystery until I end the Sorrowful Mysteries, but this is going to be the thing this Lent.

Amos is one of the Lesser Prophets, the 12 minor prophets whose books are shorter than the Major Prophets. Scholars believe that Amos was one of the first prophetic books of the Bible to be written. Amos was from the Southern Kingdom, Judah and came up to the Northern Kingdom Israel to preach. From what I’ve read about the Book of Amos it seem a little like today as it focuses on Social Justice and concern for the disadvantaged in society.


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