Super Bowl L

Well this Super Bowl wasn’t the most exciting but the Broncos defense outlasted the Panther defense and  won their first Super  Bowl since 1998. Was this the final game in the storied career of Peyton Manning, we don’t know currently. If it was the final game it ends a wonderful career of Peyton Manning as he follows the footsteps of John Elway, and it looks like in seven years Peyton will be joining the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Although Cam Newton lost I doubt that this is the final Super Bowl in his Career. The game itself wasn’t that exciting with a combined six turnovers and two offensive touchdowns.

The Ads: There were only a couple of really funny ads that I remembered from Super Bowl Sunday. The best in my mind was the Doritos commercial with the pregnant lady getting an ultrasound.

Halftime show: I would say that two thirds of the halftime show worked, Beyonce and Bruno Mars Coldplay fell flat. Sure they were the headliners but Beyonce and Bruno Mars upstaged them. Perhaps next year there will be a good halftime show at the game in Houston where all sides of he shoe work well together.


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