The Institution of the Eucharist

The fruit of this mystery is Adoration.

Adoration like love is a complex idea in the modern world. Since there seem to be more people saying that they adore someone/thing just like how people are all about saying they love something. However when we look it up adoration is more reverential like bowing and kissing the hand of the Queen or like standing up when someone enters the room or men lifting their hats when they meet someone or something like that rather than just liking someone a lot.  The line here is to connect the Fruit of the Mystery to Eucharistic Adoration, it is something that you can do at any church by spending some time in front of the tabernacle or if you are lucky you might know of a perpetual Eucharistic adoration chapel in your area perhaps take some time and visit. Also as we get closer to Lent there might be some Holy Hours and Benedictions offered at some parishes.


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