Mr. Robot

This is the winner of the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice for Best Drama. Mr. Robot is on USA and is a show about a hacker who is trying to take down one of the largest banking corporations in the world. There is also some confusing things going on with the show since were not really sure what all is real and what isn’t. Back in the early 2000s USA was the place for smart comedies (Monk, Psych) and smart dramas (White Collar, Burn Notice) now it sort of has transitioned away from comedies and towards dramas  they currently have a bunch of dramas and only one decent comedy (Playing House). If you haven’t watched it go and watch before going any further as spoilers are to follow.

Mr. Robot is about Elliot a cybersecurity engineer and a hacker who has social anxiety disorder and depression. Elliot has been recruited by Mr. Robot to join a hacking group fsociety which set out to cancel all debts and take down the largest corporation, E Corp (Evil Corp). That’s about all I can comfortably talk about. It is a unique show and complicated which means that watching multiple times might help clear some things up.



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