News Roundup

X-Files: The miniseries debuted on Sunday on Fox and the ratings were pretty high for that episode and the episode that aired on Monday night also got decent ratings as well. This could bode will for fan of the series as with the enthusiasm for the series Fox, Chris Carter and the cast might be persuaded to make another miniseries type season. I am sure there would be people who want to watch it. The first two episode are a nice addition to the series.

Cursing/Swearing: Over on Reddit there is a memo from back in 1898 about offensive language used in Baseball which was issued to rid the sport of offensive language. Unfortunately not much has changed but the memo is pretty funny to read as although language has changed a great deal since 1898 but the terms and way that we insulted people hasn’t changed much.

Mars Rovers: Opportunity has been on Mars or a dozen years. It is remarkable that the 90 day plan has been surpassed 47 times. It’s been sending back information about Mars ever since and it’s nice that NASA is still relevant although they currently don’t have their own way into space. Hopefully that will change soon with the commercial crew options in 2017.


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