Ant-Man (2015)

The forgotten Marvel movie from last year and the final film in the second Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man tells the story of Scott Lang a reformed convict who is tasked to steal the Ant-Man suit by Hank Pym. It also sets up a Superhero from the west coast. Spoilers to follow.

This is the Marvel heist film and it’s got some funny elements in it but those just might be what Edgar Wright would have done if Marvel actually let his direct the film he wanted to make. The film itself begin back in the wild year of 1989 with Pym resigning from SHIELD after he discovers they are trying to find the Pym Particle. There is some great CG work here as it looks like they just picked up Michael Douglas from Wall Street and had him act the scene. The story then begins back in the present as Darren Cross, the guy who tossed Pym out of Pym Technologies is working on his own suit that can do the same thing that the Ant-Man suit can do. When Hank Pym gets Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) to actually wear the suit he lets them into the big plan to destroy the suit that Cross is making. Lang says why not just call the Avengers. Pym has a huge problem with Stark and doesn’t want his suit to get into the hands of SHIELD, but they have to go to get some piece of tech from the Avengers new compound as we saw in Age of Ultron. Scott fights Falcon since it needs to have some cameos to make it a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. After this incident Hank finally tells his daughter Hope what happened to Janet, as if we really all cared.  Then the whole plan happens but there is a hitch in it as Scott is trapped and Cross get’s his Yellowjacket armor to work, there is a huge fight and more stuff happens.

The one problem I had with the film was although it was a interesting film we get the same basic fight as we did in Iron Man and Hulk where the villain is basically the evil version of the hero. Another big problem is soon there’s going to be three Marvel films coming out in the same year as well as a pair or so from DC comic and now the annual Star Wars film around Christmas. Sure I’ll see them all eventually at least up to the end of Phase Three in the MCU, but eventually these films are going to be over bloated just fitting in all the characters, I read that the Russo’s say that in the next Avengers film there are going to be like 67 main characters. Oh and there is a Captain America sequel coming out soon which it seems Ant-Man will make an appearance



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