News Roundup

Space: There is some huge news out in the Universe as astronomers are saying that there is a new 9th Planet in the Solar System. This is pretty cool the Planet is past the Kuiper belt and is said to be a Neptune sized somewhere between 600 and 1200 Astronomical Units away from the Sun. The presence of the planet is suggested by the tilted and elliptical orbits of like Sedna and other Trans-Neptunian objects. While Scientists aren’t sure if a planet actually exists it seems likely something is there and it’s not just a star, They are currently have telescopes trained to the sky to see if they can catch a glimpse of this far out there planet, hopefully they can and we can have a crazy complicated  Solar System.

Football: I found this article about Vince Lombardi coaching the Washington Redskins. Not many people remember or even know that Lombardi icon of football coached in Washington. It’s a cool read as it talks about the season and how Lombardi tried to make the most out of this losing outfit. in his single season with the Redskins they posted their first winning season since 1955.  It changed the culture of the Redskins and to some effect I would say that Lombardi made the team better in the 72 they made it to the Super Bowl and a decade later they would go out and win their first title since 1942.

Student Debt: Student are applying en masse to get student loan debt forgiven saying that colleges had defrauded them. While I agree that College is a expensive undertaking and there is no real way for colleges to line up a job that make a certain salary. The reason that individuals are claiming they have been defrauded is that the college recruiter told them that job opportunities were for them as soon as they got out of school.  These seems like weak claims and sure job exist but they are just not what the students expected they would have some fancy job after graduating. This says a lot about the education system in America and the fact that for some it seem that College has become basically high school and you need college to get a decent job. So you have so many more people going out and racking up debt for going to Graduate School to get a Masters in whatever. Perhaps one day this will change.


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