NFL Playoffs: Championship

Next Sunday is the NFC and AFC Championship games this year it’s pretty boring though as they are match ups between the top two teams in both conferences. Panthers and Cardinals in the NFC and Broncos and Patriots in the AFC.  The game between the Broncos and Patriots will be the 17th and perhaps final match up in the historic Manning/Brady rivalry. However over the past six meetings the home team has won and Denver is the home team. Earlier this year Brock Osweiler was quarterback when the two teams met in Denver where the Broncos came out with a win and this looks like it will be the more exciting of the two games next Sunday. In the other game we have the Panthers who haven’t been to the Championship game in a decade against the Cardinals who haven’t made it either since 2008. They didn’t play each other this season so  One of the things to like is that there is a good chance this will be a unique and original Super Bowl match up since combined both Carolina and Arizona have been to two Super Bowls. Early odds makers are pointing towards a rematch of  Super Bowl XXXVIII, but I really hope that doesn’t happen.  The AFC game is the first game next Sunday starting around 3 on the east coast and the NFC game begins around 7pm or so.


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