Jurassic World (2015)

Jurassic World is the fourth Jurassic movie and by far was the best of the sequels. It’s got B.D. Wong and a girl who runs through the whole movie in her heels and doesn’t fall and break a heel once. The premise is familiar with anyone who’s seen the previous movies. Spoilers might follow but it’s a dinosaur movie,  so we know that some people are going to die.

The film begins with two kids getting shipped off the a week with their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) on Jurassic Park Island, their parents might divorce but they aren’t the interesting part of the movie. At the park their Aunt has gotten a glorified babysitter to watch them while the Aunt runs the park. The park is trying to increase attendance so they have decided to create a hybrid dinosaur, Indominus Rex which is also going to be sponsored by Verizon. Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong), who was in the original, gets a great scene where he explains how all the dinosaurs are hybrids since otherwise they would look completely different and they wanted to have them look cooler. A secondary plot of the movie is that InGen is trying to see if training raptors can make them usable for like military applications, they are being trained by Owen (Chris Pratt) who doesn’t think it’s a good idea. When they introduce the I-Rex into the film we already know trouble is coming, it can camouflage itself and escapes it’s pen. Claire closes the northern half of the island right after her nephew, the dumb kids are off exploring in a gyrosphere. The I-Rex somehow finds them and smashes up the glass ball and the kids escape making it to the original Jurassic Park Visitors Center.

While trying to get the I-Rex under control the military steer it toward the Pterosaur aviary  and it smashes it way in and the Pterosaurs get out and fly around crashing into the helicopter that the park owner is flying since he was the only pilot available. By this time Claire, Owen and Claire’s nephews are reunited and back on main street but the pterosaurs are causing havoc and they start attacking guests like they should and the nephew’s babysitter dies.  Owen and his team of raptors go out to try to capture the I-Rex but as it turns out it’s part raptor and Owen’s team of raptors turn on the humans but let Owen escape. He’s got a romance with Claire to happen for some reason. The I-Rex then gets into the main street of the park and a huge fight happens, Claire brings in the T-Rex from the Original film and the dinosaurs fight.

All in all if you’ve sat through the other two sequels this one is a much needed moment of levity. There has been some talk about this film being the beginning of a new trilogy of films, I hope that they can get some people back from previous films in the following films and keep the techs in the command center played by Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus. It seems like B.D. Wong will also be involved in any sequels as well. The film was good but it could have done without the romance elements, since I doubt there is anyone who was really wanting it in a freaking Dinosaur movie.


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