NFL Playoffs: Divisional

The first weekend of the NFL Playoffs didn’t end well for the home teams as for the first time none of them made it out of the Wild Card game. This upcoming weekend there are 4 games. We begin with Kansas City at New England and Green Bay at Arizona. The Chiefs and Patriots didn’t play this season and depending on the health of Tom Brady, it looks like the Patriots will be making it back to the Championship game unless the powers that be want the potential of a rematch of the original Super Bowl. Green Bay returns to the place where they were humiliated two weeks ago sure they will use that as motivation to triumph against the Cardinals.  On Sunday we have Seattle and Carolina in a rematch of last year’s Divisional game, as well as from earlier this year where Carolina went into Seattle and beat the Seahawks at home. Hopefully, Carolina will come out on top this year. The AFC features a match up between Denver and Pittsburgh, and it seems highly likely that Peyton and Denver will easily make it past Pittsburgh and from many reports an injured Big Ben.

So Championship games In the AFC It looks like it might be the final installment of Manning/Brady or the Chiefs facing rival Broncos. Over in the NFC it seems like the Panthers can send the Seahawks back home and face the Packers in the Championship game.


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