Baseball Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of FAme

Earlier this week they announced who was going to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ken Griffey Jr. got all but three votes receiving 99.32 percent of the ballots, this is the highest total of all time . Mike Piazza also got in. Ken Griffey Jr. along with Cal Ripken Jr. were baseball for me growing up and it is great to see them both in the Hall.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has reduced the semifinalist list to 15 and called it the finalist list. Those on the list are Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Alan Faneca, Morten Andersen, Steve Atwater, Don Coryell, Terrell Davis, Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Marvin Harrison, Joe Jacoby, Edgerrin James, John Lynch, Orlando Pace and Kurt Warner. From this list I am sure that Favre will get in as well as Morten Andersen. It would be nice to see both of the coaches Tony Dungy and Don Coryell make it in finally. Could Joe Jacoby finally become the second Hog to get into the Hall? The inductees will be announced the night before the Super Bowl.



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