Epiphany of the Lord

This week we celebrate the Epiphany and the readings are the same for all the years. We hear from the prophet Isaiah (60:1-6), Psalm 72, Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (3:2-3a, 5-6) and Matthew’s Gospel (2:1-12).

The biggest thing to take from these readings is that Jesus came not just for the few but for all people. We have three kings coming from the East and they are among the first to come to recognize Jesus as prophet, priest and king. It is assumed that these people were not Jewish but they came none the less to pay homage to this newborn king. We need to be like the Magi who go out into the world searching for the newborn messiah, this king of the Jews. Let us go out into the world doing the same thing sharing the good news that salvation is for all people, echoing the words of the Psalm that all nations will adore the Lord.

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