New Years Day/ College Football Championship game

So the Earth went around the Sun one time let’s blow some stuff up. 2016 is a leap year and brings the Summer Olympics to Rio for two weeks in August and some exciting things on television notably The X-Files miniseries.

In College Football we have Clemson facing off against Alabama in the College Football Playoff Championship game. Number 1 against number 2 is something that we were all hoping for I guess but it would have been more exciting for some team not from the SEC to win Alabama has won enough championships (15). The undefeated Clemson team is trying to become the first team to finish 15-0 since the 1897 Penn Quakers, that the current Ivy League school University of Pennsylvania, talk about a long while for this to happen. Alabama is heavily favored to win but we should not count out a determined Clemson team from making it an exciting game. We get to wait until the 11th to find out who will win.


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